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Boutique Counsel is the nation's leading network provider for independent, boutique-firm legal advisors

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Boutique Counsel.

Boutique Counsel is an independent network of attorneys, all of which have voluntarily come together as a collective to market their services, share ideas, pool resources, refer business, explore new vendor relationships, utilize innovative technologies, and tap into the group's aggregate knowledge about how better to serve the interests of clients.  


While there is no universally accepted definition for "boutique law," several characteristics do tend to define a boutique law practice.  

They're small.  Unlike BigLaw firms, which employ hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of attorneys, boutique law firms tend to be much smaller by comparison.  Boutique firms can range in size from 1 to 50 attorneys.  


They're specialized.  Unlike BigLaw firms, which usually boast dozens of practice areas over multiple industry segments, boutique law attorneys specialize in a select area (or a few areas) of practice.  


They're competitively priced.  Although "boutique" can be read as "elite" or "expensive," boutique law firms, because they're smaller and usually carry far less overhead, are able to pass these cost savings on to clients which reflect in highly competitive rates for personalized and premium services.  


They're relationship-driven.  By their very nature, boutique law firms aren't set up to "do it all."  Because of this, they rely on relationships with others and a strong network both to outsource functions they themselves cannot perform, and as a referral source for new business.   

Boutique Counsel exists, and has been set up, as just such a relational network.  Not only is Boutique Counsel a place where prospective clients can go to find and meet experienced legal counsel, but it's a place where the attorneys themselves can find others in similar boutique-style practices and band together for purposes of marketing their services, sharing information and making referrals.

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Preferred Partner Program

Boutique Counsel offers access (and oftentimes discounts) to some of the most innovative legal-tech companies in the industry.  We carefully vet our preferred partners to ensure the technology solutions offered are both value-adding and practical.


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myGC Legal offers subscription legal services to companies seeking "fractional" General Counsel.  Model is based on a pre-determined monthly time allotment in exchange for a flat monthly fee.   

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